5 Meatless Cinco De Mayo Recipes!

Cinco de Mayo is quickly approaching which only means a few things: drinks and food. We have you covered in the food area with these Vegan Mexican Recipes!

Below you can find a few of our favorite Mexican inspired vegan dishes.

  • Sweet Potato Tacos

With a few ingredients and a lot of spices, these tacos come together quite nicely, not to mention they are so good! The sweet and savory taste of the sweet potato with the fullness that’s included with the tempeh, these tacos are a hit and should be included in you list of Vegan Mexican Recipes. 

Find the recipe here.

  • Breakfast Enchiladas

Cinco De Mayo is a whole day! So you have to start your day off with a mexican breakfast! These particular breakfast enchiladas are filled with potatoes and other great stuff! They are super simple and ready in a jiffy! Put these on your grocery list for this weekend.

Here is the recipe.

  • Southwest Stuffed Peppers

I would live on these things if David would let me. They are sooo good and not to mention super tasty. I had to include them for a list of dishes for cinco de mayo! They are a crowd favorite!

Another super simple recipe can be found here.

  • Breakfast Burritos

These bad boys are super good for on the go. So make them before hand, freeze, and pop in the microwave for a Cinco de Mayo celebration on the go! Feel free to shred the potatoes too. David loves his this way, and I can’t argue!

 Breakfast burrito recipe.

  • Enchiladas with Red Sauce

And for the finally, these enchiladas are SO GOOD! We had them last week for a tester, and they did not disappoint! Loaded with all your favorite things likes beans, peppers, onions and more, what’s not to love! Check them out now.

Find the recipe here.

Easy, Tasty, Vegan!

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