Target Just Dropped Their Halloween Line

A little crazy that stores are already debuting their Halloween decor lines. I mean, the 4th of July was only a month ago but these decorations are worth the premature Halloween post. Half the fun of any holiday though is spending way too much on decorations to frost your house in themed decor. Target has definitely outdone themselves with a line that checks every box you could have - well priced, totally adorable, and sure to bring a festive smile to your face. 

Here are just a couple of the must-haves from the fall line.

1. Animated Fish Bowl  

For only $35 even your fishy friends can tap into their Halloween spirit in a ghostly environment of their own. 

2. Purple Velvet Skull 

For only $3 you can decorate the house with purple velvet skulls. #Trendy 

3. White Studded Pumpkin

While you're on your decorating kick make sure to add these to the must-have list. When chic pumpkin meets punk rock pumpkin they made this beautiful rocking pumpkin baby for only $9.

4. Incandescent Jack-O-Lantern Pathway Lights

As bomb as the inside of your house is going to look, the outside needs to match and you can do that with these easily removable stake pathway lights. The five-count lights are topped with multi-color jack-o-lantern heads for $15.

If jack-o-lanterns' aren't your thing then you'll love these ghost alternatives.  

5. Ouija Board Serving Tray

The common consensus is in, every Halloween party needs more cold cuts and cheese. I heard spirits love charcuterie plates especially when they're only $20.

To check out the entire Halloween line at Target, click here.


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