Woman Loses Contact In Eye For 28 Years

We've all been there, running around your house or rummaging through your car to find something you misplaced. Losing things is just a part of human nature, I'm convinced. A UK woman took this notion to a totally new level when she lost a contact in her eye for 28 years! 

CBS reported when the contact was lost the woman was 14-years-old. The incident happened when she was struck in the eye during a game of badminton causing her contact to move, she thought it had fallen out... no big deal, right? Wrong. 

Years later the woman had gone into her doctors due to swelling and drooping of her eyelid. Doctors originally thought a cyst was causing the discomfort but were shocked when during surgery they found a contact at the core of the cyst. 


The lady and her eyeball are safe, cyst, and contact-free. 


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