iPhone XS Features Revealed

Eleven years after the very first iPhone was released, Apple has arrived at its 12th generation and 19th model, the iPhone XS. The brand new iPhone will be released September 12th but not available for pre-order until September 14th. According to leaks the new phone will debut with a "radically different" design than users are currently familiar with. Despite Apple trying to keep the image secret, images found themselves leaked on 9to5Mac. 

So what can we expect from the two, possibly three, new models?

1. For the first time ever the standard phone color will be gold instead of black or white. There have also been rumors that the phone will be available in orange, red, and blue. Fancy.                                                                        

2. One of the models will have a screen that is 5.8 inches, the same measurements as the classic iPhoneX. The larger model of the two will have a 6.5-inch screen. 

3. The design will be a stainless steel design, curved around the sides, and the same button placements. 

4. The iPhone XS is rumored to ring in at $1,000.00 while the iPhone Plus will be $1,199.00. Leave it to Apple to make their products economically friendly. 

5.  Apple analyst confirmed the new device will support a faster mobile data speed and a dual-SIM card slot that will be beneficial for optimal phone performance. You can also expect more internal storage space with 64GB, 256GB, and for the first time ever 512GB. That's more than most laptop solid-state hard drives. That's what I'm talking about Apple. 

6. The camera is expected to produce 12MB photos with the dual-lens camera and updated portrait lighting. One big difference though is that these new phones will no longer have a Touch ID home button. 

7. The battery is predicted to be 10% to 25% larger to avoid those quick-to-happen "my phones dead" situations. 

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