Mean Girls Star Is Selling 'The Burn Book'

In honor of National 'Mean Girls' Day on October 3, Aaron Samuels is releasing the coveted Burn Book. Okay, before you get your hopes up it's not the burn book you're probably thinking, but it's way better! 

Now you can cook like a Plastic with The Burn Book Cookbook: Real Recipes to Feed Your Inner Plastic. The latest item inspired by the hit high school comedy comes fully loaded with dishes and drinks to feed your inner mean girl. 

If you didn't know Jonathan Bennett aka Aaron Samuels has a pretty solid background in cooking. In fact, he's the host of Food Network's Cake Wars. The foodie host teamed up with Food Network Star finalist Nikki Martin to help perfect each and every recipe. 

The book also contains some of Bennett's favorite childhood recipes, behind the scenes stories from the Mean Girls set, and tons of quotable moments from the movie. 

If you're wondering what cooking like a Plastic entails, well, it means serving up dishes like 'Fetch-uccine Alfredo' and 'I’m Sorry People Are So Jealous Of My Perfect Pink Taco'. The recipe names are pretty clever if you ask me. 

This cookbook is perfect for the total Mean Girls fanatic or just a foodie in general. You can pre-order yourself one now on Amazon before they go on sale on October 3rd. Also, a friendly heads-up, October 3 falls on a Wednesday this year, dress accordingly. 

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