40-Ounce PSL Now Sold At Walmart

It's officially Pumpkin-Spice Latte season and we just can't get enough. Thanks to Starbucks, their most-iconic drink has literally revolutionized the Fall menu. 

Literally, once Fall is underway it seems that everything possible turns into "pumpkin spice" flavored or scented. 

I mean I even saw a "Pumpkin Spice Oil-Charge" sign the other day. 

Not kidding. 

Well now you're favorite PSL drink is available not only at your favorite coffee shop but also at Walmart. For a limited time the company will sell 40-ounce Pumpkin Spice Latte bottles. The best part? These bottles are less than a Venti-size latte which is 32 oz., in case you were wondering. 

These little bottles of heaven contain five servings of coffee. Talk about a bang for your buck. Now as far as how long you will be able to purchase actual PSL's from a Starbucks window is still unclear, but last year Halloween was the last day to sip on the autumnal goodness. 

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