P!ATD Under Fire For Ripping Off Lil Wayne

Earlier this morning the Twitter world started erupting after a music critic pointing out the melodic similarities between Panic! At The Disco's new hit, "High Hopes" and an older Lil' Wayne rap, "Sky's The Limit.

The Alt Press writer points out the striking resemblance between the 2018 tune's catchy refrain with the corresponding shuffle of the chorus in Wayne’s 2007 jam

Do you think Brandon Urie stole this one from Lil' Tunechi? 

Now take a listen to the video below. Do you notice a similar sound between the two choruses?

Andy Cush from SPIN writes, 

“The rhyme scheme, the way the syllables fall across the beat, the type of fanfare-ish production that makes you want to run a few sets on the Rocky stairs, the lyrics about having faith in yourself and celebrating victory in the face of struggle—both songs have all of these things in common.”