Dan Reynolds SHIRTLESS For Men's Health

Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons sat down with Men’s Health to chat about how he uses exercise, diet and therapy in his fight again disease. 

Reynolds has been living with ankylosing spondylitis (AS), a disease that cases inflammation in the spine and ulcerative colitis. He also battles with depression on a day to day basis.

Dan spoke about how growing up Mormon made him conceal so many things about himself that he can finally set free and express. 

Reynolds says he owes his success to his therapist who helped him realize that he spent too much time living for others and that we needed to focus on himself. He has also chose to fight this ailments without any pain medication. 

Dan is definitely proud to take his shift off… and he should be! He’s come a long way and should be SUPER proud of his accomplishments. 

CLICK HERE to check out how Dan deals with touring as well as his workout regime!

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