Meghan Trainor Releasing an EP Soon

Meghan Trainor announced at a show last night that she will be releasing an EP soon. M-Train said “It’s a secret. Don’t tell anybody”.

Meghan also performed a song called “All The Ways” which will be on the upcoming release.

This announce comes after a confusing Summer when Meghan said an album would be coming… and then nothing was release.

In case you missed it, Meghan’s husband, Daryl Sabara, posted a series of videos on Instagram this week puttingon a performance for the ages at he and Meghan’s wedding back in December. He began by picking up a fedora hat and lip syncing a Frank Sinatra hit while doing a choreographed dance. Meghan looked extremely delighted and wanted each and every second on tape.

Samara then transitioned to “Pop Goes My Heart’ from the 2007 movie, Music and Lyrics with more of a dance routine. He finished it up to Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie”

Check out the EP announcement below as well as the dancing wedding performance:

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