See What Ariana Grande Tweeted About The Grammys While Watching From Home

Even though Ariana Grande didn't attend the Grammys last night, she still had a lot to say over Twitter. You may have heard that Ariana didn't attend because of some creative disputes , but that didn't stop her from having a lot to say over social media. Here's more :

The "7 Rings" singer won her very first Grammy Award -- Best Pop Vocal Album for "Sweetener" -- just days after she put show producer Ken Ehrlich on blast. The win was announced during Sunday's pre-show, and despite the pop star's creative differences with Ehrlich, she had nothing but gratitude for her team and fans.

After retweeting the Recording Academy's official message announcing her achievement, Ariana dropped an F-bomb and an emoji that looked like it was getting ready to cry.

"I know I'm not there tonight (trust, I tried and still truly wished it had worked out tbh) and I know I said I try not to put too much weight into these things, but f--k," she wrote. "This is wild and beautiful. Thank you so much."

Ariana even tweeted the dress she would have worn to the show:

Later in the show, Ariana Grande tweeted her disappointment that her ex Mac Miller didn't win Best Rap Album and it instead went to Cardi B. But then she deleted it after some backlash from fans. Read more about it HERE .

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