Would You Wear a Bracelet Telling the World You're Single?

A new bracelet designating you're single so you get approached by potential dates could soon be coming to Chicago. The idea was started by Michelle Preston of Seattle who got sick of the dating apps so she tried coming up with a way to get people to connect in-person. HERE's more :

Preston sells $9 black silicone wristbands that say "Move>>Offline" in white lettering. The band is a signal to the world that says, "I'm single and I'd like to be approached." Preston is launching the band on Valentine's Day at Civility & Unrest in Bellevue. After her local launch, she's planning to expand to six other cities: Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, and Portland.

"The idea is that you can wear this thing anywhere," Preston said after admitting it's basically a black Livestrong bracelet with a different message. "It's not just for going to the bars or clubbing. It's for when you're out doing things you like to do. It's a tool to help people identify others who are single, others who are sick of the game, sick of the apps just like I am."

The idea for the bracelet came to her after she ditched the apps and struck out into the world solo, an adventure she chronicles on her blog, Carhartts & Heels. After getting burned by men she'd approach in public who ended up being married or otherwise unavailable, she thought up the wedding ring for single people.

Would you do this? I feel like if it catches on it could be huge, but I could also see it falling flat.

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