A 'Sex and the City' Pop-Up Bar is Coming to Chicago for Valentine's Day

A 'Sex and the City' pop-up bar is coming to Chicago just in time for Valentine's Day! The bar's official name will be Cosmo Carrie's and will open Valentine's Day and go through Thursday March 20th at the Ironside Bar and Galley in River North. Here's more info:

Valentine’s Day will provide the opening date for a new Sex and the City pop-up at Ironside Bar and Galley in River North. The bar’s decked out to celebrate the HBO TV show (based on a Candace Bushnell book) that debuted in 1998 and starred actress Sarah Jessica Parker as journalist Carrie Bradshaw. Bradshaw was among four friends on the show and each of them has a drink named after them at the pop-up. This way, customers can prove to their friends without a doubt that they’re really a “Miranda,” “Charlotte,” or “Samantha” by ordering the corresponding martini...The bar’s also hosted a Beverly Hills, 90210 pop-up. The SATC, like the 90210 pop-up, is an unofficial event.

OMG. I can't wait for this. I'm obsessed. Who wants to come with me?! Also, if you click on the story below you can see all the different cocktails that will be featured, everything from the "Mr Big" Takes on Manhattan to the "Magda" Moscow Mule. It's time to get the girls together and make a night...or two or three...out of it!