It's BACK. The Twilight Zone!!

As an admitted science-fiction geek, the only exciting part of the dreadfully dull Super Bowl a few weeks for me was the teaser CBS did for the new, soon-to-be launched Twilight Zone series. Since the original run from 1958 to 1964 (hosted and written by the legendary Rod Serling), there have been a few re-boot attempts, a movie, and even a GREAT ride at Disneyland and Disney World. The original made stars of unknown actors like William Shatner. This time around looks like it has the potential of the original. The host, Academy Award winning director, actor, and comedian Jordan Peele (from Key and Peele fame). One catch, the show (like the new Star Trek show Discovery), will only be available on CBS All Access, the paid streaming arm of CBS. Here's the first trailer!!