The Most Ordered Drink in Chicago Is....

According to a new study, the Old Fashioned is the most ordered drink in Chicago. In every other major city, drinks that begin with an 'm' took the top spot, martinis, margaritas and mojitos. Here's more from The Takeout:

In every other major market—Boston, L.A., Miami, New York, Tampa—the most-ordered cocktail is a margarita, followed usually by martinis, except in Miami where the number two is the mojito. That makes margaritas and martinis the most popular cocktails in America overall. But in Chicago, whiskey reigns supreme, and the Old Fashioned is the most-ordered cocktail.

,Also, just as a sidenote, the study also says that Chicago has some of the most expensive drinks in the US besides New York. On average, drinks in Chicago cost $11.95 and the average US price is $9.