New Poll Says Parents Regret Not Holding on to Keepsakes From Kids

A new poll says the majority of parents wish they had kept more keepsakes from their kids growing up. According to the study, parents obtain 1,293 keepsakes in total over the course of a child's lifetime to preserve childhood memories. Here's more from the study:

Photographs make up the bulk of items that have been deemed worth saving, with moms and dads putting an average of 21 photographs of their children on display in the home.

Many keepsakes revolve around a child’s “firsts”; more than 6 in 10 parents surveyed have hair from their child’s first haircut, as well as baby teeth and ultrasound images.

If you missed it, I had my mom on today (it's her birthday too!) to talk about what she's kept of mine. She has my hair from my first haircut! OMG. LOL. What crazy thing has your parent kept?

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