Sexy Breakup Photo Shoots Are the New Thing

A lot of women who have recently gone through a divorce are now doing sexy photo shoots to 'celebrate and discover their own sexual power.' Here's more from Page Six:

Most divorcées would rather forget the day their marriage ended. Others, like Marie Lollis, want to memorialize it — preferably while looking hot as hell.

The newly single South Carolinianwent viral this month for commemorating her divorce with a sassy middle-finger of a photo shoot. Clad in leather booty shorts and knee-high boots made for walking, she burns a photo from her wedding and sips from a wine glass etched with the words “Boy, bye.”

Local photographers say that in recent years they’ve seen an increase in clients asking for photo shoots after breakups and divorces.

“Lately, people are doing it . . . to celebrate and discover their own sexual power,” Laura Boyd, owner of the Chelsea photo studio Own Your Sexy, tells The Post. She credits the uptick to the increased acceptability of “empowering” social media photos — where split-up snaps are typically posted — and by what she views as a societal push to actually feel proud of, not ashamed by, newfound marital independence.

Is this something you would do? I feel like I would just want to forget my breakup and move on.

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