Get Paid $1000 To Use a Flip Phone For a Week

A company called Frontier Bundles is offering a smart phone addict $1000 to give up their phone for a week and use a flip phone. ABC has more for you:

One company is asking for one smart phone addict to take a break from their device by downgrading to a flip phone for seven days.

Frontier Bundles is offering $1,000 and a survival kit to a smartphone addict, a social media expert or a tech geek who's up-to-date on the latest tech news.

If chosen, the person will track their seven day, 168-hour experience by logging how long it takes to do basic tasks like texting and checking emails, and how many times you wish you could use Google, how many hours you slept, whether or not your productivity changed and any other changes having only a flip phone made on your daily life.

Participants will get $1,000, a physical map, a pocket phonebook, a notepad and pen and couple of '90s CDs.

You can apply HERE and the winner will be chosen July 8th!