Most Bedbug Infested City - Chicago Becomes No. 3

Bed bugs are the last thing you want to ever see crawling where you lay your head at night but it seems Chicago has a serious problems with these little insects.

Terminix came out with a list of the most bedbug infested cities in the US in 2018. At that point, Chicago stood in the No. 3 position behind Baltimore and Washington D.C.

The good news is, Chicago has improved on their standings falling to the No. 8 position but the bad news is the Windy City is still ranking in the Top 10. To help make sure your home is protected from these nasty bugs, Terminix suggest these tips for to keep your home bug-free!

Turns out most homes that are infected having owners who are frequent travelers!

Tips For Avoiding Bed Bugs:

  1. When you're traveling check your hotel headboards, mattresses, and box springs for bugs or dark spots.
  2. While you're checking for beds also keep an eye out for newly laid eggs which will look like a cream-colored penny.
  3. At home - hang clothing or put it away, don't leave it on your bed!
  4. Avoid storing clothes in hotel furniture.
  5. Vacuum suitcases regularly!
  6. Wash your clothing and bedding in hot water to kill off any bugs or bacteria.