Utah Man Does His Own Version of 'The Bachelor' to Find Wife

A Utah man has decided to conduct his own personal version of 'The Bachelor.' Inside Edition says:

A man in Utah is attracting attention after he set up his own personal version of "The Bachelor," inviting 20 women to meet him and try to win his heart. 

How'd he do it? It began in May, when billboards began appearing around Salt Lake City, soliciting interested women for an "exclusive" event. 

The event, set up by the LDS Matchmaker, saw more than 2,500 women apply to meet the millionaire Mormon. The LDS Matchmaker, or the Latter-day Saints Matchmaker, serves the Mormon community. Ultimately the applicants were narrowed down to just 20. 

The finalists got to know each other in a stretch limo bound for the country club in Utah where the event was held. 

There, they met the bachelor. Well, sort of. At the start of the event, he was concealed behind a sheet while facts were read aloud about him. Eventually, he was revealed, but not to the public at large. The man's identity remains a mystery as all the participants were required to sign NDAs.

Inside Edition went on to say:

Here's what is known: The man is originally from San Diego. He worked in the White House under a former Republican president. He sold his first company at 26. 

Wow. This is so silly. Apparently the girls weren't disappointed by the bachelor's looks once he was revealed if you're wondering.