Chicago Named One of the Top Cities to Celebrate 4th of July

Chicago ranks third on a new study from WalletHub which laid out the best cities in the US to celebrate the 4th of July. has the factors that were used to determine which cities were on top:

A recent WalletHub study ranked the "second city" 3rd in the nation for 4th of July celebrations. See why Chicago got #3 and which city got #1.

The study weighed five factors in its ranking of 4th of July festivities, including celebrations, affordability, attractions, safety and accessibility, and 4th of July weather forecasts (let's be real, the weather is probably what knocked Chicago down a notch).

Researchers then broke down each category into smaller points, from how many fireworks shows a city had to how much a hamburger costs.

Chicago took the #2 spot for Attractions and Activities and #6 for Safety and Accessibility and Weather. The Windy City's biggest hit came in the Affordability category, where Chicago came in at #38.

New York City was given the top spot. Boo.