Chicago Hires Expert Trapper From Florida to Catch Chance the Snapper

Chicago has hired a professional gator trapper from Florida to help get Chance the Snapper out of the Humboldt Park Lagoon. LOL. Here's Block Club Chicago's take:

After six fruitless days of searching for an elusive alligator in the Humboldt Park Lagoon, the city announced it’s bringing in an expert from Florida and shutting down part of the park in a stepped-up effort to trap the gator.

The orders came from the top — Mayor Lori Lightfoot, according to Ald. Roberto Maldonado.

The city’s Animal Care and Control Department said it “is grateful to the Chicago Herpetological Society for its onsite assistance,” but didn’t say if the group’s alligator hunter known as Alligator Bob was now out of the mix.

Alligator Bob, a volunteer, has toiled in the lagoon for six days, day and night, baiting traps and paddling his canoe around looking for the gator. He was on the job Sunday, but later packed up his traps and left the park.

Enter Frank Robb, owner of Crocodilian Specialist Services of St. Augustine, Florida.

He was hired by Animal Care and Control “to ensure a safe and humane capture of the alligator as well as to protect residents.”

Robb reportedly arrived on-site Sunday to start assessing things. How much longer do you think until Chance the Snapper is caught?!

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