Doctors Warn Sunburn Tattoo Trend is Dangerous

A new viral trend has people purposely not applying sunscreen to a certain area of their body in a shape or design so it leaves a 'sunburn tattoo' on their body. Doctors are warning people not to do this because it's dangerous! The Daily Mail says:

A sunburn tattoo trend is taking over the internet this summer and has forced one dermatologist to issue a severe warning about the dangers it could have on a person's skin — including doubling the risk of skin cancer. 

The trend involves someone purposely not applying sunscreen to an area of the skin in order to form a sunburn showing off an image or design. 

People who have taken part in the worrying trend are now sharing images of their 'tattoos' on social media — with people sharing designs like the batman symbol, stars and sandal lines that formed after sitting out in the sun.

It's going to be HOT at the end of the week so make sure to wear that sunscreen!