Oscar Mayer Creates the Ice Dog Sandwich

In honor of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day Friday Oscar Mayer has released what they're calling the Ice Dog Sandwich. USA Today says:

A day after French's announced mustard ice cream, Oscar Mayer is taking it one step further and seems to be answering the perpetual question of whether a hot dog is a sandwich.

It's now an Ice Dog Sandwich and comes with spicy mustard gelato all on a cookie bun.

"Who eats just mustard @Frenchs? Condiments were made for Oscar Mayer hot dogs," the hot dog brand tweeted Thursday. "Say hello to the Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich –flavored ice cream, made with our better hot dogs, sandwiched with spicy mustard."

Oscar Mayer says its new creation will be available in New York City the week of Aug. 12, but if you're not in the area and send the company a direct message on Twitter you may be able to try it through a limited giveaway.

With its tweet, Oscar Mayer is conducting a poll asking if people want to try the concoction. With three days left, 77% of the 3,400 votes chose "No-I eat condiments solo" and 23% said "Yes! ASAP, please!"

I'm open to most food combos, but this sounds gross. Would you try it?

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