If You Eat Clean It Could Be Considered a Mental Disorder

If you eat really clean and are obsessed with healthy living, experts now say you may suffer from a disorder called Orthorexia. Ummmm. I'm obsessed with healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle :/ Are you like me and you can relate? Here's more:

Is an obsession with “clean eating” a bona fide mental disorder deserving of its own diagnosis in psychiatry’s official manual of mental illness?

A flurry of new studies and reviews is breathing new life into so-called orthorexia nervosa, loosely defined as a pathological fixation on eating “pure” foods. At its extreme, adherents shun all sugar, all carbs, all dairy, all meat and animal products, gluten, starch, pesticides, herbicides — anything that isn’t natural, organic or “clean.”

According to one new paper, orthorexia is a “cyberpathy,” a digitally transmitted condition of privilege. Whether it’s a “real” mental disease or an imaginary one, the behaviours and consequences are certainly real, according to the author.

But I like my healthy foods! What do you think of this??

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