McDonald's Chicago Headquarters Offering Sweet Potato Fries

It looks like you can now get sweet potato fries at McDonald's...but only at the headquarters in Chicago. They've only been offered in the Netherlands before. I love sweet potato fries! Here's more info:

The restaurant inside the McDonald’s global headquarters in Chicago is now offering sweet potato fries, reportedly as part of its revolving menu of international items, the chain confirmed in a press release.

The flagship restaurant, which spans 6,000-square-feet in the city’s West Loop neighborhood, recently debuted the fries alongside six other international favorites, including: caramel-dipped ice cream cones from McDonald’s South Korea; the “I’m Greeking Out” Greek salad from McDonald’s Canada; the Manhattan Salad from McDonald’s France, with baby lettuce, sliced apples and bleu cheese dressing; the CBO (Chicken, Bacon and Onion) sandwich from France; the 1955 Burger from Germany, with bacon and a special “1955 sauce”; and the Halloumi Muffin from McDonald’s Cyprus, consisting of a grilled slice of halloumi on an English muffin.

The sweet potato fries come from the McDonald’s Netherlands menu.

It sounds like if they do well, they could be added to the menu permanently.

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