You Can Be Paid to Party During Labor Day Weekend

Summer is almost over with Labor Day weekend around the corner. Hefty Party Cups is offering 500 people $300 to throw an end-of-summer party. Here's what FOX Chicago says:

The last weekend of summer is almost here and Hefty Party Cups is offering 500 people the chance to set up an epic end-of-summer bash by giving out some cash.

“The beloved party cup knows that people love to party, but the price tag that comes with hosting can hold you back,”the company states in a promotional release.

Starting Wednesday, the popular party cup company will dole out $300 to 500 people – a total of $150,000 – to spend however they want for a final summer hurrah.

“Whether you need groceries, cleaning supplies or décor, we don’t care how you use it – as long as you use it to get the party started!” the release states.

You just need to be 21 or older to participate in the contest. Just click HERE to enter.

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