The Largest Bouncy House in the World Is Coming to Chicago

Woahh. The biggest bouncy house in the world is coming to Chicago! Here's what NBC is saying:

The Guinness Book of World Records’ largest-ever bounce house will be in Chicago not once but twice in September, part of 27-city tour across the U.S. between July and November.

The Chicago dates include Sept. 7-8 and 13-15. 

With 10,000 square-feet of bouncy fun and a 900-foot-long inflatable obstacle course,The Big Bounce America tour offers an exciting event for adults and children alike. Tickets range from $16-$30, with all age groups welcome. There’s even an adults-only section.

Attendees can enjoy slides, ball pits, climbing walls, live DJs, confetti blasts and competitions. 

OMG, I really want to go! You can get tickets HERE!

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