Fans Questioning if Millie Bobby Brown Using Products in Tutorial Video

Millie Bobby Brown posted a video on social media showing her fans how to use products from her new skincare line, however, many fans noticed it looks like Millie isn't actually putting the products on her face. Yahoo says:

She can normally do no wrong, but fans have been accusing Millie Bobby Brown of ‘faking’ a recent skincare tutorial.

The ‘Stranger Things’ actress shared a since-deleted video to Instagram aiming to show her followers how to use some of the products in her new Florence by Mills skincare range.

But some fans weren’t convinced the 15-year-old was actually using the products, including a face mist, scrub, wash and moisturiser, as her make-up seemed to remain intact throughout.

Following the fan confusion the video has been deleted to Instagram, but still remains on YouTube.

Millie recently revealed her Florence by Mills skincare brand, which took her two years to develop and is vegan and free from parabens and sulfates and is not tested on animals.

In other tutorials for the brand, the actor clearly does use her products, so fans were left confused about this latest video.

This is pretty strange. You can see the video below and what the fans had to say: