'Good Burger' is The Latest Pop-Up Coming to Chicago

The latest pop-up heading to Chicago will be 'Good Burger' themed! It will of course be based on the Nickelodeon comedy sketch starring Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson. NBC Chicago has more:

A pop-up restaurant inspired by the '90s fan-favorite "All That" sketch is coming to Chicago.

The Good Burger restaurant will be ending its three-month stay in Los Angeles in September and heading to Chicago for a planned 2020 opening, organizers announced.

“The opportunity to bring this cult Nick favorite to life as our second immersive themed experience was a dream for us,” Derek Berry, one of the partners, said in a statement. “Now the chance to bring Good Burger to Chicago, both our and Kel’s hometown city, was an opportunity that we’d never pass up.”

The restaurant is from the same group that brought the popular "Saved by the Max" restaurant - a "Saved By the Bell"-themed eatery - to Chicago. The group was also behind "The Peach Pit," a "90210"-themed restaurant.

The new Chicago pop-up will be run by well-known chef and burger fanatic Alvin Cailan and will include what the group is calling "new immersive surprises." “We’re delighted to bring the Good Burger pop-up to Chicago to give families, ‘90s Nick kids and burger lovers alike a top-notch dining experience, while they immerse themselves in the absurd and hilarious world of Ed and Dexter,” Sharon Cohen, executive vice president of Nickelodeon Experience said in a statement.

There is now word yet on the location of the pop-up. Will you go??