Peter of 'The Bachelor' Got 22 Stitches in Face After Fall in Costa Rica

Peter from 'The Bachelor' had to get 22 stitches in his face after falling while filming the show in Costa Rica...yikes! People Magazine says it's actually not as bad as we've been hearing:

Peter Weber is doing fine and back on track in his journey to love.

TheBachelor‘s newest leading man is back to shooting his season with a bandage over his face a day after his “golf cart mishap” on location in Costa Rica, a source tells PEOPLE.

A second insider says his injury was blown out of proportion, telling PEOPLE, “It’s not as bad as what is being reported!”

In fact, he’s currently on a date, and production is going on as scheduled.

Radar Onlinereportedthat Weber split his head open Monday after he his head on cocktail glasses while trying to get into a golf cart. He was rushed to the hospital and given 22 stitches, according to the website.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they cover this on the show. Will you be watching?

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