Drunk Airline Passenger Throws Up in Woman's Hair on Flight From Chicago

A drunk passenger threw up in a woman's hair on a Spirit Airlines flight going from Chicago to Maryland. YUCKKK. ABC covered this story:

A flight from Chicago to Baltimore got off to a rough start Wednesday morning for one passenger after another traveler threw up in her hair.

An unrelated passenger aboard the plane shared the video with ABC7 Eyewitness News. She said the man who vomited was drunk and was escorted off the plane.

But then everyone had to deplane so that that crews could deep clean the aircraft before they were able to take off.

The passenger who shared the video said the woman was forced to clean the vomit out of her hair in a sink.

Eventually the flight was able take off, but not until another delay caused by two more drunk passengers locking themselves in the bathroom.

This is horrifying! I don't know what I would do. And more drunk people in the bathroom too? What was going on?! See the video below!

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