Nicki Minaj and Adele Collaboration is Coming

Nicki Minaj confirmed she will be doing a collaboration with Adele! Oooo! Too Fab says:

Fans of Nicki Minaj and Adele have known that the women have a mutual admiration society going for years now, but it appears that appreciation of one another's work may now have evolved into an actual bona fide collaboration.

When asked about even the possibility of it by ET, Nicki basically came right out and said it was happening even as she was also saying that she shouldn't be saying anything about whether it's happening or not.

But it totally is.

"But Adele made me swear to secrecy that I'm not allowed to tell anyone that I'm working with her," Nicki told the outlet. That right there was enough to start fans salivating, but she wasn't done. "And that we already shot a video," she continued. "And it's an epic song! Ahh!"

It's unclear whether this was a planned reveal or if Nicki just couldn't contain her excitement about the whole thing anymore. It's safe to say she was genuinely excited talking about it, and is clearly stoked about how the song (and video) turned out.

As ET pointed out, Adele is just finishing up her latest album, so it looks like that might be the most likely place to find this collaboration. So the question now is how long fans will have to wait to her it, and see it.

Cannot wait to hear what that sounds like!

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