Would You Play a Board Game Based on the CTA?

You can now play a new CTA Board game! Block Club Chicago says:

CTA nerds, rejoice: A new board game based around Chicago’s public transportation is coming later this month.

The game, called “EL: The Chicago Transit Adventure,” will require Chicagoans to travel the city with an “L” train as their piece on the board. Players will encounter scenarios like a pigeon swarm, the holiday train and a baseball game that can quicken or delay their journeys, according to a news release from Transit Tees, which made the game.

The strategy and chance game will also feature Chicago landmarks like the Garfield Park Conservatory and Art Institute. And if an “L” train isn’t going quick enough, players can take a bus between train stops to get to their destinations faster.

Fans can order the game online for $40, though it won’t ship until Nov. 25. It will be available in-store starting Nov. 23 at Transit Tees shops at 1371 N. Milwaukee Ave. and 5226 N. Clark St.

There will even be a launch event for the game!