Impressive! Woman Gets All 17 of Her Pets to Pose For Photo

This is impressive! A woman in the UK managed to get all 17 of her dogs and cats to pose for one photo. Apparently it took weeks! The NY Post Says:

A UK-based pet-whisperer got all 17 of her pets to pose for a photo together. Kathy Smith accomplished this hair-raising photoshoot — a feat so Sisyphean that it reportedly took her numerous treats and several weeks to achieve.

The resultant photo of the pets stoically sitting at attention has since gone viral online.

The 30-year-old shop assistant from Corwen, Wales rescues animals in need. As a result, she’s accumulated quite the menagerie over the years — most notably her eight dogs and nine cats.

And while saving the animals is impressive enough on its own, getting them to set aside their snake-and-mongoose ways and pose for a photo was quite another undertaking.

To accomplish the daunting task, Smith first used treats to bribe her eight dogs into posing patiently in the living room of her three-bedroom home.

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