Some Chicago-Themed Gifts For the Holidays

If there's an intense Chicagoan in your life HERE are some gift ideas for them!

Prints, mugs and more

Cost: $5 and up

Foursided in Andersonville has great Chicago-themed gifts (and is also ridiculously decked out for the holidays – it’s quite a sight to behold). You can also get lots of cool custom gifts there, like personalized flash cards.

EL: The Chicago Transit Adventure

Cost: $40

Every Chicagoan has a public transit story – and strategies for making the most of their commute. Now, you can prove your CTA savvy (and challenge your friends) with the newly released board game EL: The Chicago Transit Adventure.

Jeppson’s Malört

Cost: $18 and up

Malört could be the perfect gift for your best friend ... or your enemy, depending on their tastes. The wormwood-based liquor was created by Swedish immigrant Carl Jeppson in Chicago during the 1930s and carries a distinct flavor some have likened to Band-Aids. Others may savor its bitter kick as a component in their cocktails. As of 2019, Malört is distilled and bottled in Chicago byCH Distillery after about 30 years of production out of state.

Local lit

Here’s another option for the bookworm in your life: Visit the Chicago section at Myopic in Bucktown, which is stocked with hard-to-find treasures.Volume’s Bookcafeis a short walk along Milwaukee Avenue if you crave a double dose of browsing.

A family friend gifts us membership to the Chicago Botanic Garden every year and we love it. It’s a bit expensive ($99), but it’s good and local. 

Be sure to click THIS link for even more ideas!

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