Chicagoans Googled These Words The Most in 2019

Google released the terms people searched most in 2019 and even narrowed it down by city. The most searched terms by Chicagoans include 'CPS Strike' and 'Jussie Smollett.' Block Club Chicago has more:

In 2019, there was only thing Chicagoans were googling more than “Jussie Smollett” — and that was “CPS strike.”

Google released information on the most-searched terms in Chicago, Illinois and the United States on Thursday morning. The data shows Chicagoans searched online for the term “CPS strike” the most this year.

It makes sense: The 11-day strike, which started and stopped in October, was the longest in three decades. About 300,000 students had no classes and teachers rallied Downtown and protested outside schools.

The Chicago Teachers Union and the city eventually settled the strike and agreed to make up five school days.

Besides the strike, Chicagoans always frequently googled “Jussie Smollett” in 2019. Smollett, an actor known for his work on “Empire,”famously claimed in January that two people attacked him Downtown, beating him and calling him slurs.

Here is the full list of the top ten searched words in Chicago:

  1. CPS strike
  2. Jussie Smollett
  3. Antonio Brown
  4. Cameron Boyce
  5. Nipsey Hussle
  6. Aspen
  7. “Avengers: Endgame”
  8. iPhone 11
  9. “Game of Thrones”
  10. Luke Perry

And here are the top searched words in Illinois for 2019:

  1. Cameron Boyce
  2. Disney Plus
  3. Jussie Smollett
  4. Antonio Brown
  5. Nipsey Hussle
  6. Luke Perry
  7. “Avengers: Endgame”
  8. “Game of Thrones”
  9. iPhone 11
  10. “Captain Marvel”

If you're curious, here were the top searches in the US:

  1. Disney Plus
  2. Cameron Boyce
  3. Nipsey Hussle
  4. Hurricane Dorian
  5. Antonio Brown
  6. Luke Perry
  7. “Avengers: Endgame”
  8. “Game of Thrones”
  9. iPhone 11
  10. Jussie Smollett