Lori Harvey Nearly Robbed of $375,000 Rolls-Royce in Atlanta Parking Lot

Beautycon Festival Los Angeles 2019 - Day 2

Step-daughter of Steve Harvey; Lori Harvey was apparently robbed in a Atlanta parking lot. According to TMZ, Atlanta Police officials have stated they are in search for the suspect/suspect's. Lori was seen stepping out of the driver seat of her all white, 2020 Rolls-Royce. While making her way to the trunk, one unknown individual quietly made his way toward the driver side in attempt to steal her pearly white $325,000 vehicle.

The robbers were not successful in their heist, but one suspect did manage to snatch Lori's duffel bag which obtained a few pieces of clothing, no one was hurt during the altercation.

Here is the video from the surveillance camera's --posted by TMZ--

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