St. Pat's Day Chicago Takeover

You: OMG it's St. Patrick's Day lets go downtown and see the Green river.

Also You: OMG It's St. Patrick's Day let's go party in Wrigleyville

Oh and also You: OMG It's St. Patrick's Day let's stay in Bridgeport and party!

Good thing for You, we will be partying at all 3 locations!

Grab some green beads and come hang this parade day at Lizzy McNeils downtown, Rizzos in Wrigleyville and Buffalo Wings and Rings in Bridgeport!

Oh and at each stop we're giving away a trip to Vegas to see the Jonas Brothers.... no big deal!

Green Beer and the Jonas Brothers... now that's a party.

Brought to you by St. Archer Gold, The Ultimate Light Beer.

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