Family Accidentally Buys 48 Boxes of Toilet Paper Amid Shortage

An Australian family accidentally bought 48 boxes of toilet paper instead of 48 rolls amid the Coronavirus-fueled toilet paper shortage. Oops. Here's more:

Toowoomba's Janetzki family have thousands of rolls of Australia's most sought-after product, after mistakenly ordering 48 boxes of 48 rolls instead of their usual box of 48 rolls from online delivery service.

They received 2,304 rolls and were charged $3,264 instead of $68, something that went unnoticed until the two-pallet order showed up on their doorstep days later.

The family estimate it is enough to last them 12 years.

The accidental hoarders made the purchase in early February, weeks before fears relating to coronavirus sent the country into a toilet paper-buying frenzy.

Now, they've got more toilet paper than most supermarkets currently have on the shelves.

"It'll take a while to live down," said Haidee Janetzki, who placed the order.

Wow, toilet paper is valuable now given most stores are sold out of it. The had fun with their purchase on social media too. One family dubbed herself the 'Toilet Paper Queen.'

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