Clever Florist is Creating Toilet Paper Bouquets

During this time of the Coronavirus outbreak, a clever florist out of Arkansas is making toilet paper bouquets for customers.

Nothing says I love you like a dozen roses but during the coronavirus pandemic there's something your sweetheart might want even more. 

Florist David Faulkner quickly became a viral sensation quicker than you can say double ply. He created the toilet tissue bouquet.

It started are a joke on Facebook for the owners of Blossom Events and Florist. 

"It was just for giggles. To bring some smiles to our community," Faulkner said. "I mean we made toilet paper loo pretty, I guess, if you can consider it that."

Judging by the nationwide reaction to the TP bouquet, they're succeeding. 

As of now, they're only delivering to local customers, but it's an interesting idea!

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