Could You Do This Clear Puzzle During Quarantine?

Some are saying this impossible clear puzzle is the perfect activity to do while on quarantine:

Now available for pre-order, the Little Flower Pot Shop on Etsy describes their clear, acrylic puzzle as “insanity,” with four tiers of difficulty: “easy, okay, hard and crazy.” Pricing starts at $16.99 with nine 2-inch pieces, which should take less than five minutes for most. The OK and hard levels contain 25 and 49 pieces, respectively.

But all that is kid stuff. Pro-puzzlers will opt for their most intense option, “crazy” — a total of 144 half-inch pieces for $24.99.

“We really didn’t think anyone would rise to the challenge,” the seller writes of their “crazy” puzzle. “No hints here, just days of fun assembling them.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, puzzles have once again emerged as the most sought-after time-killer since their popularity peaked during the Great Depression, according to the American Jigsaw Puzzle Society.

Unfortunately, you may have to wait a few weeks before you can get it because it has soared in popularity! Click HERE though if you want one.

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