Post Malone Responds to 'Circles' Lawsuit

A man who claimed he co-wrote the song 'Circles' is suing Post Malone to get credit on the song. Post Malone is now hitting back:

Post Malone is now suing the guy who sued him ... claiming Armes is not a co-writer on "Circles" because the dude didn't contribute anything to the song.

In the new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Posty says Armes was at the first recording session but didn't write any of the music or lyrics. Post also claims Armes was absent from subsequent recording sessions for the track.

Post Malone says the lawsuit against him is an age-old story in the industry ... in his suit, Post claims Armes came outta the woodwork, falsely claimed to take credit for the song and demanded unwarranted and unearned windfall profits from the song.

Bottom line for Post ... he wants a court to rule Armes is NOT a co-writer.

We'll have to see what happens!

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