Would You Wear This Suit to Attend Concerts? Company Creates New Design

Would you wear this suit to protect yourself in the future when going to concerts? One company has a new design:

Into this uncertain future comes one creative studio with a bold idea to create tools to speed up the return of the crowd.

Under normal circumstances, the Los Angeles-based Production Club would be designing and producing immersive experiences for the tech, gaming, and music industries. It’s the firm behind Skrillex’s first major touring production, “The Cell,” which used projection mapping and real-time gaming technology, and Amazon Web Services’ Intersect music festival this past December in Las Vegas. The shop took this shutdown moment to design what it calls “The Micrashell,” a protective apparatus that allows for socializing without the distancing...

The result is a colorful half-suit that looks like something Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo would have worn inOutbreak—if instead of being doctors they just wanted to go to Coachella.

The Micrashell is an air-tight top suit and helmet made of tactical, high-performance, cut-resistant fabric and developed for durability, endurance, and easy disinfecting. The primary materials are based on ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fabrics and lightweight film composite, including sealed, sewed patterns and ornaments as well as Cordura fabric inserts. It also contains two lithium-ion cell battery systems for uninterrupted active operation and easy charge and swap when discharged.

Ummm. This would be a bit much for me. See the design below:

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