Oprah To Host Chicago's Citywide Graduation Ceremony

Get ready high school seniors! Oprah is going to be your host for a virtual citywide graduation ceremony:

Chicago's first citywide virtual graduation in mid-June will be hosted by Oprah Winfrey, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Thursday. 

“We are thrilled and honored to have the one-and-only Oprah Winfrey joining us for this incredible moment with Chicago’s high school seniors,” Lightfoot said in a news release.

“While we can’t recreate these in-person memories, I feel strongly that we need to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our many high school seniors in Chicago.”

Lightfoot teased the announcement Thursday morning via a Tik Tok video before officially announcing that Winfrey would be virtually attending. 

So cool! See Mayor Lightfoot's Tik Tok with the announcement!

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