A Beer Van Similar to an Ice Cream Truck is Driving Around Chicago

Many adults wishes may have come true thanks to Goose Island! A beer van similar to and ice cream truck has been roaming the streets of Chicago:

No, you’re not dreaming. Shades of our childhood memories have manifested in adults with the help of Chicago’s Goose Island. They’re roaming the streets of Chicago in an ice cream-truck inspired van, granting wishes of every stay at home Chicagoan needing a much-deserved break.

According to the Eater Chicago, Goose Island Brewing Company dispatched a black van to roam the streets of Chicago. Truly, paying homage to the vintage ice cream truck of the collective youth of Chicago in sporting cold treats and the vintage ice cream truck music to your block.

It’s pretty simple, simply call the phone number displayed on the van and it will show up on your block, beer in tow.

Goose Island came up with the idea once restaurants had to shut down due to the Coronavirus.

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