Happy National Nurses Day! See All the Deals Around Town For Nurses

Happy National Nurses Day! We so appreciate what you've been doing and you deserve all the recognition today! Here are some deals you can check out today just for you!

Corner Bakery

The deal: Get a free coffee if you're a nurse or healthcare worker with an ID. 

When:May 4-8


The deal: You can pass through a McD's drive-thru to get a totally free "Thank You Meal" if you're a healthcare worker, police officer, paramedic, or firefighter.

When:Through May 5

Nando's PERi-PERi

The deal: Any "nurse, doctor, or healthcare worker" who stops into a Nando's with an ID or wearing a uniform gets free takeout. 

When: Ongoing

Steak 'N Shake

The deal: Everyone can get a free order of fries in the "We Are All Essential" program. There's no purchase necessary at all. 

When: Ongoing

Insomnia Cookies

The deal:If you send out for a 12-pack of traditional cookies online, you'll get a code that gives you a free six-pack of cookies to ship to anyone in the country who could use a little sweetness. Drop in the code "COOKIEMAGIC." (Also, you can totally be the person you send those cookies to if you happen to be the person who'd benefit from some free cookies.)

When: Through May 31

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