Eminem and Lil Wayne Google Their Own Lyrics So They Don't Repeat Them

Both Lil Wayne and Eminem admitted to having to Google their own lyrics because they don't want to repeat them when they write songs. LOL:

The pair were speaking during the most recent episode of Wayne’s Beats 1 Radio show, Young Money Radio, when Eminem mentioned the difficulties of a long rap career, saying artists like himself “start getting to the point where you rapped about everything, you rhymed every word there is to rhyme”.

Wayne then confessed that he often has to double-check his own back catalogue: “I literally have to Google my lyrics to make sure I didn’t say certain stuff.”

“Oh my God,” Eminem responded, “I swear to god, I do that too!” Wayne said that it was a marker of how long the pair had been working in the industry, adding: “Soon as you go to my Safari, it’s gonna be ‘Lil Wayne lyrics.'”

I've wondered it before! There are only so many words you can rhyme after a while and they have written so many songs over the years. You can hear this part of the interview around the 9:30 mark.

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