This Chicago Cowboy is Getting a Lot of Attention

A Chicago man riding a horse around town has become a viral star:

He’s better known as the Dreadhead Cowboy.

A woman yelled that she’d seen him on TV. Hollingsworth laughed and said it was actually a popular social media account, WorldStarHipHop.

The Dreadhead Cowboy is an entertainer at heart and loves the attention. And now that the weather is warming up, Chicagoans will start seeing him more often, riding his horse throughout the city.

He’s become a little bit of a local celebrity on social media. People see him riding around, take his photos and share them. Some have even made memes.

He started riding his horse last summer, but as Chicagoans remain under lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, this modern day cowboy is riding more often.

I'm all for anything quirky to help us get through all this.

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