Bebe Rexha Wears Taco-Scented Nail Polish and Wants Us To Buy It

Bebe Rexha is promoting taco-scented nail polish. Would you get some?

The “Meant to Be” singer, 32, took to Instagram Friday to promote Sinful Colors’ new Salty & Sweet collection of nail polishes that look — and even smell — like snack foods including tacos, donuts, pizza, chocolate cake, cheese puffs and cookies and cream.

The full collection of all six shades initially retailed for $14.29 at Walmart, but is currently — shockingly — sold out. However, those who can’t resist licking their fingers after chowing down on a bag of Cheetos can nab the individual polishes for $2.98 each.

I'm already eating enough! I don't need more temptations. LOL.

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