Dad Becomes Viral Hit With 'Dad, How Do I? YouTube Series

A sweet dad of two adult children created a YouTube channel last month that demonstrates how do everyday tasks and has since gone viral:

Rob Kenney, a father of two adult children, has become a heartwarming YouTube sensation by cobbling together a dozen videos that have a touching purpose: As someone whose father walked out on his family when Kenney was a kid, he wants to use his channel — aptly titled “Dad, How Do I?”— to teach young people how to deal with basic household tasks that he had to learn on his own.

His simple tutorials, released on Thursdays, have garnered more than 2.1 million views and his channel has topped 1.3 million subscribers since it went live early last month.

The homespun handyman — whose Instagram bio says he offers “Practical Dadvice for Everyday Tasks” — covers chores such as fixing sink clogs and “most running toilets,” checking a car’s oil and changing a tire, ironing a dress shirt and shaving. His first video — “How to tie a tie” —dropped on April 2 and has been viewed more than 240,000 times.

These videos are such a great idea and they surely are helping people who are in quarantine.

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